Saturday, December 10, 2016

Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse in 2015 - $60 billion.

Dallas citizens pay way too much for the police and fire pension to go broke

Washington Post on the ‘Fake News’ Hot Seat

The Daily Beast

(Video) Inside The Comet Pizza Party

Is Will Farrell Interested in the Occult?


VIDEO: School principal snatches sign from pro-life protester

Eag News

Pastor Manning : from Trump Supporter to Saying Donald Trump is Secretly Having Sex with Daughter Ivanka

Pastor Manning: from Donald Trump supporter to Donald Trump attacker.


Rahm Emanuel: DACA Students in Sanctuary City of Chicago Are ‘Honoring Their Parents’ Sacrifice and Struggle’

CNS News reports:
Calling Chicago the “fifth largest city in Mexico” because of its Latino population, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Friday that the illegal alien youth brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents and who have temporary legal status in the U.S. through President Barack Obama’s executive action are honoring their parents by attending college.

On Wednesday, Emanuel met with President-elect Donald Trump and delivered a letter signed by Emanuel, as well as the mayors of Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia and other U.S. cities, telling Trump they will continue to protect youth covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, in those cities.

“I delivered the letter, because Chicago has a great deal of Dreamers – DACA students,” Emanuel said. “I mean these are kids, whose parents brought them here, have been checked out from every which way.
Note Chicago is like "in Mexico". No Anglo-Saxon culture for you!

Average cost to take a taxi in U.S.: $3.46 per mile Estimated cost for a driverless taxi: 35 cents per mile

This 24-hour sex toy helpline is real — and it gets some crazy questions

Another day, another hysterical story about Brexit from @SkyNews - which is now worse than the BBC.

Denmark Investigates ‘Child’ Asylum Seekers, 3/4 Turn Out To Be Adults

This body language means you're about to be cheated

Trump has politicised the Supreme Court in ways no presidential candidate, or president-elect, ever has

Harvard Professor Theda Skocpol : 2016 Election Autopsy

Scholars Strategy Network reports:
Professor Theda Skocpol discusses the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and what to expect from a Trump presidency. Analyzing the factors that swayed voters, she offers insight on what the Democrats need to do moving forward.
Establishment mouthpiece Professor Skocpol speaks... down below.

Trump electoral college ranking

The fasting diet improves your mood, sleep and sex, study says

Airlines are finally explaining what “last class” means. It isn’t pretty

IRS, Border Patrol Sued For Records Of Forfeited Cars, Cash And Property

DC’s Transgender Cop Poster Child Turns Out To Be A Perver

Apple AirPods: Why they won't be available for the holidays

The 2016 Election: What Happened and Why . Leftist Professors Look At the Data.

YouTube reports:
On Dec. 1, Wagner College’s Department of Government & Politics and the Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform combined forces for an election post mortem, examining different factors and aspects of the presidential campaign between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Government & Politics faculty members Steven Snow, Cyril Ghosh, Jeffrey Kraus, Patricia Moynagh and Abraham Unger were joined by Carey Institute Director Stephen Greenwald for a panel discussion, followed by questions from the audience in Spiro Hall 2.

Worker-advocacy groups say workplace scheduling laws are gaining momentum as minimum-wage increases have

Pew: D.C. Accepted Fewer Than 10 Refugees In 2016

This is how many calories you're burning during hot yoga

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