Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trump splits from the GOP and says Trumpcare 2.0 will guarantee pre-existing protections nationwide

The Business Insider

1 in 8 children in California schools have an undocumented parent

The L.A. Daily News reports:
Posing significant challenges for educators, about 1 in 8 students in California schools has at least one parent who is undocumented, according to a new brief from the Education Trust-West.

Undocumented children as well as U.S. citizen children with undocumented relatives have experienced heightened anxieties for several years as a result of deportation policies begun under President George W. Bush and tightened ones under President Barack Obama.

But according to school officials, those anxieties have reached new heights since Donald Trump’s inauguration, with possible consequences on their ability to focus on school work, the willingness of parents to attend school events, or even to bring their children to school.

Education Trust-West, an advocacy organization in Oakland, estimates that 750,000 students in California’s preK-12 schools have an undocumented parent, out of a total enrollment of 6.2 million. Some of these students may be undocumented themselves, but the vast majority of K-12 children with undocumented parents are U.S. citizens.

According to the Ed-Trust West brief, only 240,000 children between 3 and 17-year-olds are undocumented.

These figures do not include most of the teenagers and young adults who have received temporary protection from deportation through the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program. By far the majority of the 214,000 young people who were approved are of college-going age.
California: third world America. Can your school district get high test scores from the children of people who don't have a high school diploma?

Are High Taxes to Blame for Minnesota’s Championship Drought? The Twin Cities have been waiting since 1991 for a winner. A University of Illinois-Chicago economist says lowering the income tax rate might help.

Reason reports:
Of the 13 metropolitan areas in the United States currently hosting teams in each of the four major professional sports leagues, none have been waiting longer to celebrate a championship than the Twin Cities.

One possible reason why? Minnesota's high personal income tax rate.

"You get a lot of complaining about professional sports in Minnesota, because this problem is especially acute there," Dr. Erik Hembre, told The Washington Post this week. "People complain about, 'Oh, we can't get good free agents. It really hurts us.'"

Hembre, an economist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to have found a direct relationship between state tax rates and the success of professional teams based in those states. His research shows that, since the mid-1990s, a ten percentage point increase in income taxes correlates with a 2-3 percentage point decline in team's winning percentage. The effect is greatest in the National Basketball Association (where signing one major free agent arguably has a greater impact on a team's success than in any other major sport) and smallest in Major League Baseball, according to Hembre.

Minnesota's high tax rate, Hembre says, costs the Minnesota Timberwolves a total of 4.5 victories per season when compared to pro basketball teams in low-tax states like Florida or Texas.
Taxes have consequences.

Celebrating James Billington, The Librarian of Congress Emeritus

Trump tweeted 470 times in first 100 days of presidency: report

Ithaca Student: Describing Yourself As a Broke College Student ‘Trivializes’ Poverty

Heat Street

Chris Matthews Admits the Media Is ‘Killing’ Trump, ‘Gale Force Winds Against Him

Newsbusters reports:
In an almost stunning moment of clarity during Sunday’s Meet the Press, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews admitted in a rant that the media were targeting President Trump. “This president has gale-force winds against him. He comes in with the media killing him every day,” he told moderator Chuck Todd, who was obsessing over the President’s approval numbers. “The New York Times does enterprise pieces, four or five a day against him.”

He also explained that “the big part is the media,” and he recalled how “the media heralded the arrival of Jack Kennedy who won by nothing practically. 100,000 votes.” “But yet he came in, to the point where people said I voted for him. Everybody said they voted -- they didn't vote,” he continued. Essentially, the liberal media championed him so much that people wanted to be associated with the victory.
Democrat party operative , with TV show, Chris Matthews runs his mouth off.

How the American left has devolved from a political movement into a cult

The American Thinker

Who Pays What Tax Rate?

Philly region a welcoming place for female school superintendents

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Leftist Leonard Pitts Jr.: Ann Coulter was right about Berkeley's 'sad day for free speech'

Wisconsin State Journal

The Legal Academy’s Ideological Uniformity

Heterdox Academy

The Scam of Public energy programs

The L.A. Times reports:
Southern California Edison customers looking to cure their power-bill pain might find some relief in Los Angeles County’s new government-run energy program — but the track records of similar public energy efforts show that the initial cost advantage doesn’t last.

From California to Massachusetts, the kinds of community energy programs that L.A. County approved this month lowered electricity bills 5% to 40% when they began.

But after an initial honeymoon period, the savings have tended to shrink.

In many cases, the electricity-cost difference between the old utility and the newer competing public program has declined to a few cents a month on customers’ bills. In some cases, the cost advantage for the new rivals has disappeared altogether.
Cartelized energy in the news.

The Open Mind: Can Civility Survive? - Keith Bybee

Here’s what you want your online dating profile to say, according to a woman who writes them for a living

Manhattan School Bans Books

The New York Post reports:
School is no place for books, one Manhattan principal apparently believes.

In a scene out of “Fahrenheit 451,” administrators at Life Sciences Secondary School have ordered all textbooks rounded up and removed — calling them “antiquated,” sources say.

Principal Kim Swanson and Assistant Principal Derek Premo, who launched the ban, “really frown upon the use of books,” an insider told The Post.

“They just took books that teachers have been using and not replaced anything.”

While the administrators tout “modern technology” over books, they have failed to provide the necessary equipment, the staffer said.

Why people are spending more on home improvement projects

The San Jose Mercury News

Hasan Minhaj at WHCD: Steve Bannon a Nazi, Jeff Sessions a Racist Who Uses ‘N Word’

Big Government

ESPN will look dramatically different in 1 year

Yahoo Finance reports on ESPN:
ESPN is adapting to the realities facing all media companies: consumers only want to consume the content they want, and increasingly they want to consume it on a phone, computer, or tablet, not a television, and they don’t want to pay to get something they don’t want. You would think these maxims are obvious by now, but much of the cable industry is built on the opposite—bundling channels together for a fat monthly fee. Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer put it well on our live show this week: “Because they’ve been part of the bundle, a lot of people have been paying for ESPN who don’t want to watch it. That’s not a great business model, people paying for something they don’t want.”

In Disney’s Q1 2017 earnings in February (it will report Q2 earnings May 9) it reported that operating income for its cable networks division, which includes ESPN, fell 11% to $900 million. Why? The company didn’t mince words: “The decrease in operating income was due to a decrease at ESPN… Operating income at our other cable networks was essentially flat.” In other words: ESPN, increasingly, is the dark cloud in Disney’s quarterly earnings reports.

But don’t mistake this: ESPN is profitable. It makes a lot of money. It’s simply making less money than it did in the past. Why? Cord-cutting. Or, to put it in financial terms: rising programming costs, falling subscription revenue. (And FS1 faces the same problem.)

To adapt, ESPN is overhauling all of its content. One year from now, ESPN will look like a dramatically different network.

Fannie Mae makes it easier to get a mortgage despite student debt

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Fannie Mae last week announced three small steps it is taking to make it easier for people with education loans to get or refinance a home mortgage.

The government mortgage giant, which guaranteed one-third of home loans in the first quarter, is responding to claims — coming mostly from the real estate and mortgage industries — that student debt is preventing Millennials from buying a house.

“We saw a big run-up in student loan originations around the time of the housing collapse. The reason for the run-up could have been that parents couldn’t refinance their home” to put their kids through college, said Rohit Chopra, a senior fellow with the Consumer Federation of America.

The new initiatives could prop up loan volumes when they could use a lift. Whether they make sense for borrowers “really depends” on their individual circumstances, Chopra said.

The main program Fannie announced last week will make it a tad cheaper to refinance a mortgage and pull cash out to pay off an education loan.

Fannie charges an additional risk fee that adds about 0.25 percent to the interest rate when people refinance a mortgage and borrow more than their outstanding balance. This is known as a cash-out refi. The fee does not apply when borrowers refinance their current balance just to get a different rate or term and don’t take cash out.
Fascist Mae: providing more leverage than your friendly local hedge fund. Just a reminder the next time Fascist Mae needs a bailout from federal taxpayers.

10 insanely clever things on Amazon that will make your life easier

Florida woman charged with prostitution after agreeing to sex for Chicken McNuggets, cops say

Historian Pauline Maier: Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788

Comrade Sanders Asks How Many Yachts Billionaires Need, Twitter Asks How Many Houses He Needs

The Washington Free Beacon

Trump's top candidate for N.Y. prosecutor angered U.S. lawyers in Chicago in George Ryan case . Skull and Bones Member Edward E. McNally In The News.

The Chicago Tribune reports on Skull and Bones member Edward E. McNally :
President Donald Trump's leading candidate to run the nation's most prestigious prosecutor's office infuriated government lawyers a decade ago by testifying as a defense witness for a former Illinois governor facing U.S. corruption charges.

It was a bizarre spectacle because the witness, Edward E. McNally was then the top federal prosecutor in southern Illinois and criticized the work of his colleagues in Chicago. On the witness stand, McNally raised questions about the conduct of an FBI agent and prosecutors during a 2001 interview with the ex-governor, George Ryan, whom McNally had previously represented as a private attorney.
Patriarch McNally is "shy" about his Skull and Bones membership.

Bill Maher calls Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' to her face

The Washington Examiner

Hannah Arendt, white supremacist

Jerusalem Post

An immigrant success story ends in murder charge

The Boston Globe

Brian Williams called out for ‘patronizing’ Rachel Maddow

The New York Post

Pedogate Criminals Being Rounded Up By Trump Administration

The 9 things successful women never do

CNN president tells correspondents' dinner headliner: "You killed it!"

Major shakeups at Heritage after coup against Jim DeMint

ICE data shows half of immigrants arrested in raids had traffic convictions or no record

The Washington Post reports:
About half of the 675 immigrants picked up in roundups across the United States in the days after President Trump took office either had no criminal convictions or had committed traffic offenses, mostly drunken driving, as their most serious crimes, according to data obtained by The Washington Post.

Records provided by congressional aides Friday offered the most detailed look yet at the backgrounds of the individuals rounded up and targeted for deportation in early February by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents assigned to regional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, San Antonio and New York.

Two people had been convicted of homicide, 80 had been convicted of assault, and 57 had convictions for “dangerous drugs.” Many of the most serious criminals were given top billing in ICE news statements about the operation.

The largest single group — 163 immigrants convicted of traffic offenses — was mentioned only briefly. Over 90 percent of those cases involved drunken driving, ICE said Friday. Of those taken into custody in the raids, 177 had no criminal convictions at all, though 66 had charges pending, largely immigration or traffic offenses.
Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

Witness Says Campus Attacker Asked Victims Their Political Affiliation

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